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who am i

My name is
Eric Kidd, and I
make awesome stuff.

Design. Development. In today's web they marry better than they ever have, and I love them both. From HTML and CSS to Photoshop and sketches, I use the entire design and development process everyday. The goal is always to make something that is refined, useful and nifty. I believe that simple and clean interface will set you free and I strive to do as much as I can with as little code as possible. I do not claim to be a rockstar (though I do love the stage) designer/developer, or some sort of ninja that will swoop in and deliver you from whatever malignant front-end disease plagues you. I will, however, give you solid future-looking design and techniques while respecting the need for fallbacks. No worries: your product won't require users to download Chrome Canary.

I design and I code because I am passionate about making AWESOME STUFF. Awesome does not necessarily mean glitzy, glamourous or gaudy. While I strive to make everything I do look slick, I never forget that form must match function - it should not only look inviting, but FEEL inviting with every swipe, click, drag or drop. I challenge myself constantly to learn new skills and refine the ones I already have. Currently, I am:

Really digging deeply into vanilla JavaScript/DOM
Beginning to learn Python
Refining my knowledge of advanced CSS3

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